Walking by Faith


As a writer, I have conditioned myself to always have a beginning, middle and end to whatever it is I write. Such is the way of writers, I suppose. It is, at least for me, difficult – if not outright impossible – to complete a project without knowing which words to start with, what message I want to convey and how I want to wrap it up. Sometimes, such as now, I have nothing to go on but faith. Whenever the Holy Spirit leads me in a direction I had not planned for, nor had any idea where that journey would take me, I am reminded of Abraham in the Bible. In Hebrews 11:8 it says “By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.”

Many, many times when the Spirit of Christ calls me to go in a certain direction of my life, I have absolutely no idea where the road leads. If I keep my spiritual eyes and ears open, though, I am able to see God’s divine influence paving the way, parting the seas, removing obstacles and providing me gifts and blessings needed to complete the trip. More often than not, though, I’m so wrapped up in the worldly aspect of the journey that I don’t notice the Lord’s impact along the way until it is over. If I’m not careful, and by careful I mean keeping in contact with God through prayer, the scriptures and fellowship, it is almost a certainty that I will stray from the path and not even know it until I find myself wandering around in the wilderness. Still, through faith in Christ, repentance and a steadfast devotion to God’s will, I invariably find myself back on track.

Listen, I’m not saying I always walk by faith and end up in the Promised Land. Goodness no. There is still far, far too much “I” in the way like thorny brambles for me to be as obedient and compliant as a mature Christian should be. I am the slow-witted sheep in the back of the flock, the one with three legs that always gets distracted and wanders away. The Great Shepherd must constantly go looking for me to bring me back onto the path. I just have to remember that when I am scolded, His chastisement means He loves me. Hebrew 12:6 reads “for the Lord disciplines the one He loves and punishes every son He receives.”

But sometimes, when I am travelling by faith, and am faithful and watchful and listening, the indomitable Presence of God is so evident that it stands alone as irrefutable proof of His existence and sovereignty. How could anyone not believe in Him? Believing in God, and knowing He exists by the signs and wonders all around you, must lead you to testify of the validity of His Holy Word, the Bible; when you come to know the truth of the Bible, you will be lead to the absolute and undeniable reality of His Begotten Son Jesus Christ. Being led by faith in Christ you believe that he gave his life for the remission of sins and raised himself from the grave after three days and was placed on the right hand of the Father so that we may know beyond a shadow of doubt that we may have salvation and eternal life through Christ as the adopted children of God. Galatians 3:26 says it so clearly: “for you are all sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ.”

When the Lord sends me on a journey, no matter how foreign it may seem and how uncertain I am of the destination, I try my best to get me out of the way so that I may walk by faith. It’s not that difficult when you know salvation through the grace of God is the ultimate end. So, I’m not sure if this article has a proper beginning, middle or end, but I have faith you’ll understand these ramblings. May the Lord always bless you.


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