Doubt Brings Proof


For every reason you doubt the existence of God,

He shows you a thousand reasons why not.

You either deny the truth of God and refuse to face it,

Or you deny the truth of God and seek to prove it.

The former is rooted in fear, the latter in anger.


Show yourself fearless by asking God for proof,

And in the asking be willing to see it.

I promise you will never be the same again.

When you open a window, watch what the wind does.

Do you doubt the air though you don’t see it?

Then why doubt God when He’s all around you?


Examine your anger, poke it with a stick.

Make it reveal its true nature.

When it moves you will discover a hidden fountain of joy.

Drink and discover all the proof you need.

Do you doubt the light switch when you turn it on?

You live by faith and don’t even think about it.


Now take one step toward Him

And feel His embrace forever.

One comment on “Doubt Brings Proof

  1. Mark Allen LisenBee says:

    Nice JayT … God has been working miracles in my life just recently. Things are begining to work my way; things which I believed were an element of my past. Thanks for continuing to write.

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