I have no choice but to surrender, for I am lost.

I wandered from the flock and have run away,

thinking I was free.

I visited rabbits and squirrels, sniffed every wild flower

and followed the whims of my will.

Now it is night and I am freezing, I am hungry, I am scared.

Now I know why You prodded me along when we went outside.

I am not made for this wild world;

I am fed and bathed and groomed.

My wool is used to cover others, as Your love covers me.

I was made for a warm pen, not this wide, fearful place.

There is nowhere to turn without you, Master!

There is only this dark, wet, cold night

and I have given up.

How could I know that You search for me high and low?

How could I know that You have also come out into this

to find me?

I shiver and bleat my woes,

unaware that my cries are a beacon for You.

You will indeed find me, for I am yours.

I will soon be in Your arms once again,

but for now I am unaware of that.

For now I cry in my despair,

while You draw near.

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