11-14-13 Poem

How can God be jealous?

Isn’t He above such an insecure emotion?

These questions stuck like a block of wood in my throat.

I could not stomach the idea.

I leaned on You while strolling through the garden

until You whispered into my heart.

There is nothing of God

that is not holy and pure,

and there is nothing of us

that is.

You think you’ve tasted wine?

Wait until you dip your cup in His fountain!

He created us, He made us, He loves us

SO much that He sacrificed His only Son

that we may have hope of salvation.

God’s jealousy is zealous – how close the two words!

We belong to Him and Him alone.

He paid the ransom for our sins with blood

and He wants us to come Home.

What do we have to be jealous for?

What do we have but our birthright?

Even that was given to us. We could never earn it.

Our jealousy is like children playing soldiers with sticks

in the shadowy darkness.

Try standing up to God’s sword of Truth

in the light of a billion suns!

He is the only One worthy of our worship.

Anything else leads to death and Hell.

On your wedding day, when you leave this world,

He does not want to find you in the arms

of some rotting mannequin.

Yes, God is jealous,

and His jealousy is pure and holy.

We cannot comprehend this,

so we act like children pretending to make love,

wrestling and rubbing with our clothes on,

with no idea what we’re doing.

He made Love, He made you,

He sent His Son to bring you Home.

You are worth God’s jealousy.

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