You told me to take up my cross and follow You

but I did not know what You meant.

I thought the cross was Yours.

Oh, Lord! Now I understand.

You were not on the cross alone, not at all.

I was crucified with You.

When I fell at the foot of the cross, I fell from it

a new creature.

For a long time the cross scared me.

The sins of the world! I cannot comprehend it

but I feared its enormity.

Today it is my ecstasy, every tear of joy

like a river to the great sea. You made me see!

You live in me now, my life is no longer mine.

The old man, the sins of my past, remains on the cross.

As long as I am in the flesh, he calls to me

to save him.

Old man, you have no power over me any longer.

I can only hear the Spirit now

like ten thousand Niagara Falls.

Beloved, you told me to take up my cross

and follow You.

It is not a burden at all. It is my bliss!

Let the world and all its things fall away.

Let my friends and family turn against me.

Let disease ravish my body.

Let the desert  become my home.

I lose my life on the glorious, horrible cross

and find it in You.


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