I cried and wept; You dried my tears

before I even knew You.

I stumbled, fell throughout the years,

You caught me each time, too.

All my life You’ve been my Friend,

when I thought I had no one;

You stayed with me from start to end

each time I lost or won.

You had faith in me when I had none,

You loved me through it all.

You knew the day that I’d be done,

and finally heed Your call.

You’ve always whispered in my ear

“You’re mine, wake up, let’s go!”

You knew that deep inside I’d hear

and feel Your loving glow.

I came to You lost and afraid,

repenting of my sin.

Then on my knees Your name I prayed

and begged you’d let me in.

In tears I said that I believed,

Your Spirit filled my heart!

God’s tender Grace was then received,

You set my soul apart.

You’ve been here all the time, I see

as I think back in time.

You gave Your love and guided me

so patiently sublime.

I finally recognize Your voice

amid the world’s mad sound;

my spirit sings and I rejoice

to spread Your Word around!

One comment on “11-19-13

  1. johncoyote says:

    A beautiful and powerful journey in your words. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

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