I was a rock,

but You turned me into a precious stone.

I was a choking weed,

but You made me a mighty oak.

I lived in a valley,

but You lifted me to the mountain top.

I crawled on my belly,

but You caused me to run.

I was homeless,

but You gave me a mansion.

I was alone,

but You surrounded me with friends.

I wept,

but You turned it into laughter.

I was broken,

but You made me whole.

I was silent,

but You gave me a voice

to praise You, to glorify our Father,

to be a touchstone in Your name,

to plant the seeds of Your love,

to teach Your word in the valleys,

to praise Your name to the lowest sinners,

to tell the lonely You are always with them,

to share the good news of Your living presence,

to bring the broken to You.

I used to be lost

but You found me.

I worship You forever.

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