are One

with the Father;

the Father and You

are One, indistinguishable

and inseparable from each other.

The Holy Ghost is also One with You

and the Father, a perfect and eternal Triune,

based on selfless love and equal glory,

like drops of water united as one,

able to manifest as steam

and ice and liquid.

Your pure love,



You gave

Your perfect

life for me, Lord.

You took every sin

with You on that cross,

and paid the price of my

salvation; when I surrendered

I became one with You,

the Holy Spirit, God

and all the saved,

like an eternal

Ocean of



I am

part of

the wave

reaching for

lost drops on a

ragged lone beach,

and the sound that’s made

is that of joy and love

from our one voice,

singing Holy!



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