11-27-13 Love

It is easy to love a newborn baby.

Now love his drug addicted, cursing, brazen mother.

Anyone can love a speckled puppy.

Now love the man who leaves her chained outside in the snow.

You love your lifelong friends.

Now love your lifelong enemy.

You have no problem loving the kind and courteous.

Now love the cruel and obnoxious.

You always love the one who kisses you.

Now love the one who strikes you down.

You heap love upon your family.

Now love your heathen neighbors.

You are full of love for your fellow Christians.

Now love the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist.

It is not difficult to love your faithful mailman.

Now love the late night vandals who destroy your mailbox.

You are able to love the good Samaritan.

Now love the mugger who beat you up.

It isn’t as difficult as it seems, really.

Just remember that Jesus loves you

despite what you’ve thought, said and done.

Look within and feel Christ’s love.

Now go out and love.

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