11-29-13 Our Daily Walks

Whenever I take my dog for a walk I pray.

Beloved, You know how much I love our talks!

Not only do I have the most walked dog in the neighborhood,

she’s been converted eighteen times because of our

cherished conversations under the sun and stars!

Lord, do You know how challenging it is

to walk a dog around the block in tears?

Our relationship, Jesus, is often like my dog and I.

She is always eager to go outside

but she’s not crazy about the harness;

without it she would gallivant recklessly,

taking no heed of traffic or another dog’s territory.

You know to put the harness of discretion and humility on me,

or my ecstasy would lead me to all sorts of dangerous places.

My dog used to tug and pull at the leash,

just wanting to GO,

but I had to teach her to stay by my side.

I want to become a full blown apostle TODAY,

but You reign me in with patience and moderation.

My dog loves to smell dead things and junk food in the gutter,

much like how I am attracted to all things profane.

You keep me from it because You know I would get sick.

Why do dogs like to mark their territory?

Why do I think anything in this world is mine?

You steer me clear of life’s skunks and angry badgers.

You keep me from jumping into mud up to my neck.

You don’t let me run out into the street.

You always bring me home; You bathe me

with Your cleansing forgiveness.

I never hunger or thirst.

You know how much I love to go outside,

because I always get to hear You talk to the Father.

I get converted over and over again,

and I always weep from joy.

The comparisons could go on forever!

But You hush my barking with a word.

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