12-3-13 The Cross

You knew that You were going to die

for the sins of the world.

Did You know how cruelly You would be treated?

They truly knew not what they were doing!

If they knew who You were (and are, and forever will be)

every knee would have bowed.

Instead, You were bound,



spit upon,




stabbed with thorns,


and crucified,

with huge nails driven through Your hands and feet.

YOU, the incarnate God,

sinless, blameless, holy, loving, compassionate!

O the cruelty, O the torture, O the inhumanity!

My heart turns into a thousand tears.

You suffered all this for me

and I do not deserve it.



You knew You were going to take

the sins of the whole world with you

on that cruel cross.

Did You know how that would feel?

Adam certainly did not know what he was doing!

You brought on Yourself

every murder, rape, torture, assault,

theft, lie, deceit, adultery,

abortion, hate, blasphemy, curse,

addiction, lust, fraud, persecution,

prejudice, judgment, slander and selfishness

from the first transgression to the last,

from the greatest to the least,

all of my sins

and all of yours and yours and yours.

I cannot begin to grasp the pain

You felt, the weight of all that sin,

so much that You sweat blood!

O Lord, lift my face from the floor

because my shame will not let me!

You suffered all this for us

and we do not deserve it.



You knew Your Father hated sin,

would not even look at it.

You knew He had to turn His back on You

while You hung there,

physically and spiritually broken.

Did You know how empty that would feel?

The lost know not what they are doing!

Physical pain, no matter how horrific,

was only temporary.

The pain of every last sin

would stay on the cross.

But those moments when You were all


when God wept

because He loved us SO much,

when You hung there,

separated from Him in Your abject agony,

Ah! It was worse than the very depth of Hell!

Each moment eternity.

How, Beloved Savior, HOW

could You stand it?

And how can I ever

complain about anything

ever again?


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