12-8-13 Die For You


I know that You died for me.

I know You took my sins upon You

upon that cruel cross.

How many times have I cried,

“You died for me, so I live for You!”

but by surrendering my life to You,

by letting Your Spirit flood me,

by submitting my will to You,

I must be willing to die for You.

Like a seed of wheat that has fallen

to the ground, and in dying

bring forth new life for others.

You told me once

“No greater love…”

It is easy for me to sit here,

warm and cozy, coffee in hand,

and declare I will die for You.

But they can break in my home

and bind me up half naked,

drag me down the street

while kicking me, slapping me, spitting on me.

They can stretch me out

and flail my back open over three dozen times,

all the while cursing and beating me.

They can wound me with their bullets

and hang me upside down,

and then tell me I will be set free

if I just renounce my Savior Christ,

or let me hang there and die

slowly, in agony, for all to see.

I can live for You, Lord.

I beg You to give me the strength and courage

to die for You and my fellow man,

if it comes down to that.

I know that You will.

Now You ask me if I would give up

all my worldly possessions for You.

I already have, Beloved.

My life and death is all I have left,

and You know it is Yours, too.

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