12-10-13 Well Done


If your ticket is punched today,

if it is your time to get off the ride,

if this morning death showed up

for your appointment with eternity,

are you certain you are bound for heaven?


Only those thoroughly cooked are allowed to the feast.

You must be Well Done, a good and faithful servant.

We are all born into a world full of disease,

saturated with the poison of sin.

The longer we dwell here, the worse we are infected.

Would you serve bacteria-ridden meat to the Master?

No amount of scrubbing or washing will work.

Before microbes were discovered by scientists,

surgeons did not know their hands were rife with germs,

and would infect their patients.

Recognize and acknowledge the filth on your soul.

There is only one way to keep you

from being discarded with all the other trash.

You must be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

God loves you with all His heart

and desires nothing less than your presence at the feast.

Jesus is the only cook that knows

what is savory to His Father.

Submit to Him – that is the recipe.

Let the Savior remove all the impurities of sin;

let Him prepare you, let Him save you

from certain destruction.

Let His love cook you well done.


Today might be your last.

Don’t let it be too late.

Don’t die raw.

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