12-11-13 The Way


If you go on a journey, you’ll need the right chart,

a map that will show you the way.

Construct a high rise with good blueprints to start,

and it will not crumble or sway.

Before that great surgeon learned to fix a bad heart,

he studied the technique of those

who are able and practiced and surgery smart,

and with practice his confidence grows.

To be a good Christian you must follow the lead

set by Jesus when he lived here.

The four gospels were written for you to read

so you’ll learn His ways then draw near.

He set the example in word, thought and deed;

with that you will know what to do.

Our dear Savior and God want us all to succeed,

and the way will be narrow and true.

The rest of the Bible confirms and bears out

the perfect life of our Lord.

From Adam to Paul and with John’s final shout,

they all tell of the same reward.

He’s the blueprint, the map, of this there’s no doubt,

He’s the Good Shepherd showing the way,

and the way is God’s will in the Bible throughout,

so start following Him today.


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