12-13-13 Reciprocity


The things that you sow you also will reap;

all promises made are for ones that you keep.

Be rude and obnoxious, and you can be sure

the same will be done to you, so endure.

You throw up your hands and proclaim you are nice,

while all those around you are cold hearted like ice.

Examine your heart and I’m sure you will find

not all that you’ve done was so loving and kind.

Every turn of the screw comes right back around;

the honors you give will be you who is crowned.

If you do unto others, and know this to be true,

as you would have others do unto you,

there’s no guarantee you’ll be treated the same

today or tomorrow, but don’t change your game.

Don’t expect a reward for your kind word and deeds,

just do what is right, trust in God for your needs.

There’s treasure in heaven, don’t look for it here,

for the things of this earth will all disappear.

The thing to remember is to be just like Christ,

that’s the gold in this poem, that’s the pearl of great price.

You surely will get your own just reward,

so it’s best that you do the will of the Lord.

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