12-19-13 This World is a One Night Stand


This world is a one night stand

with a painted, diseased prostitute.

You better sober up quick before it’s too late!

If you’re not careful, the streets will own you, too,

and the pimp is a real devil.

Eventually the night will end,

and you don’t want to be caught

with your pants around your ankles.

Don’t fall in love with this world.

She wears provocative clothes to seduce you.

Her half-lidded eyes call to you wantonly.

She knows just how and where to touch you

but for God’s sake don’t let her!

You may think it’s too late, my friend.

You may have already laid with her.

You may already reek of her cheap perfume.

Whether you have just walked in her room

or are waking up in her filthy bed, RUN!

The red cross is waiting just outside to rescue you.

The salvation army is ready to protect you.

The Son has donated His blood to heal you.

Your Father is here to forgive you.

But you have to escape the whore NOW

because dawn is breaking

and then it will be too late.

(1 John 2:15-17)

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