12-21-13 Thy Kingdom Come


(based on Luke 11:2 and Ephesians 6:11-17)


Dragon fighting dreams disperse like morning fog

against the piercing light of the morning sun.

A new day dawns with blessings waiting patiently.

First thought is You, glorious King; first touch

knees to ground to worship, to praise, to surrender.

Thy Kingdom come.

Here in this foreign land the enemy crouches just beyond

the inner sanctum, full of fire and fury:

principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,

spiritual wickedness in high places, and their legions:

sensory seduction meant to mask the Word with

flashing lights, brash voices, evil full of empty promises.

Shower away the night with water for the body

and silent prayer for the soul. Nourish both for the day.

Thy Kingdom come.

Now stand, bright soldier of God, gird in the Truth of the Gospel

to bear against worldly lies by the father of lies;

wrapped in the breastplate of Righteousness, of unbreakable Love;

shod in the Peace of Jesus Christ, of Peace everlasting;

holding the shield of Faith, of the Faithfulness of the King

against the fiery darts of wickedness that come out of nowhere

and lead there, too;

bearing the helmet of the Savior’s perfect Salvation

to guard against the mental wiles of the enemy;

wielding the sword of the Spirit, the tempered Word

which cuts with deep conviction and certainty.

Thy Kingdom come.

The foe slouches, poised in poison, prepared,

powerful and hungry with fear and doubt.

This day belongs to You, my Lord, my King.

Use me as You Will Your Will, for

Thy Kingdom come

on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

2 comments on “12-21-13 Thy Kingdom Come

  1. Great poem…love the structure of this piece

  2. Marvelous interweaving of scripture into this poem. I sense the fire and urgency in the words. Thank you.

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