12-22-13 Now


As far as we know, God is using

An asteroid the size of Great Britain,

Hurling through space with us

In its sights, to herald Gabriel’s horn.


Look others in the eye,

Acknowledge the seed of Divinity within all,

Regardless the shell, the intellect, the wealth.

When desiring God’s will becomes as essential

As your own breath, as dear as air,

It will astound you how important Now is.

Pray and love as if you found out tomorrow

The Savior was returning in all His glory.


When lovers get caught up in their passion,

The rest of the world fades away.

Have you found ecstasy between breaths,

Heard symphonies between notes,

Seen your reflection in an ant’s eye?

God’s Love is the pause button, the Here of Now.


Practice Love in all its forms.  Your devotion

To this reflects the sort of disciple you are.

Scrub yourself with the pain of Love,

Eat and drink nothing but Love, be its master,

Its slave, treat it and be treated by it as you will.

When you die in Christ’s Love,

It will put any asteroid to shame.


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