12-29-13 Let Go and Hold On


If you wish to follow Christ

you must give up everything,

including yourself.

The things of this world are but dust,

blinding your eyes, causing you to go astray.

You must give up everything you love,

for there is room for only One

on the throne in your heart.

Some day you will leave this place,

but if you are grasping on to anything

of this transient world

you will be unable to hold His hand,

and you certainly don’t want to become lost

at this stage of the journey!

O Savior!

Let Your saving Spirit sweep this house clean,

then come through again and take the house!

I cling only to You, and You alone.

As long as I hold on to You

I can fill my hands with nothing else.

As long as I hold on to You

You will never let go of me.

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