Resolve to Pray


Resolve to pray more.

You know you have the time.

If an old friend stops by,

do you not visit with him for awhile?

If your favorite author has a new book,

do you not buy it and spend evenings reading?

If you are ill, do you not wait to see your doctor?

Every moment in prayer is more valuable

than all your possessions,

more precious than sleep,

more important than the roof over your head.

Spend fifteen minutes a day with God.

Talk to Him as a child to his father.

He longs to hear from you so much.

Spend half an hour every day with God.

You have the time. He gave it to you.

Thank Him for all your blessings; He has more to give.

Confide in Him; He is the best at keeping secrets.

Tell Him your troubles; He will comfort you like no other.

Ask Him for help; He has angels standing by.

Seek healing for a friend or relative; He is the Great Physician.

Listen to Him, for this is how you learn.

If you are persistent, your hearing will improve.

If He chastises you, this is proof He cares.

Wait for His answer; it will certainly come

though not always the way you want.

Do not tire in your petitions;

God sometimes makes you wait

so you can find out how important it is.

Resolve to spend more time in prayer.

It is the greatest investment you will ever make.

Pray to remember

until you remember to pray.

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