1-3-14 Give Us This Day


Sometimes life gets so tedious

and I get so discouraged.

Yes, there is everything in the world to be grateful for;

I could start naming them now and never be finished.

But it gets tiresome, the struggle.

The wife, she has to go and remind me of this dross

they call reality:

how do we stretch Z to cover A through Y?

There’s never enough. Beans again!

If left alone I could dine on the air and Your love.

Didn’t You make two loaves feed five thousand?

I try to share the freedom of such simple knowing

that You will provide. Behold the fowls of the air!

But the wife, she looks at numbers on a page:

either heat or food. Take your pick, buster!

What use do I have of logic, Lord? I’m a poet!

I could ride through the house on a lion

with an alligator for a saddle,

grown eagles shooting from my hair

and wearing porcupines for clothing,

and the wife would say “More mouths to feed!”

Oy, my Savior. Oy.

Let her worry. I trust in You, O Lord.

You provide me strength to endure.

You provide me courage to sit quietly and nod my head.

You provide. Of that there is no doubt.

Try telling the wife that.

She looks at an empty fridge.

I see the confidence of faith everywhere.

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