1-6-14 The Whetstone of Patience


As we mature we can more easily discern

and tolerate less the foolishness of others.

It seems doubly so to an upright Christian

who wants to rebuke, but not offend.

This is the whetstone of patience, my friend.

This is the razor’s edge of trust in God.

Bear the imperfections of others,

knowing how much the Lord suffers yours.

Do I need to remind you of motes and beams?

We are more than ready to see perfection in others,

yet do not amend our own many faults.

If you must, rebuke with love and kindness

then turn it over to the Author of love.

Who knows better than God

how to convert evil into good?

None of us are without defect.

We all have burdens.

Help, admonish, correct

as you wish to be treated.

Above all,

pray for guidance.

We wouldn’t want the blind leading the blind,

would we?

One comment on “1-6-14 The Whetstone of Patience

  1. God Bless! Thanks for sharing. Continue expressing your faith to the WordPress community. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for this year.

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