1-7-14 Come In From the Cold


Refusing to accept the Good News of Jesus

is like sitting in a cold house in the dead of winter.

because you don’t want to turn the heater on.

There can be a source of living water within you,

a hydroelectric dam of Spirit

that can empower your whole life.

Just take one sip of surrender,

a drop of faith on your tongue.

There can be a power plant of eternal life

coursing through your body and soul.

If you have not been hardwired into Christ,

you’re running on cheap, worn batteries

and will inevitably die when they wear out.

Don’t fear the spark of the Holy Ghost.

You’ll be shocked to life here.

If you decline, you’ll certainly be in shock there!

Winter is upon you, my friend.

Come in from the cold and warm yourself

by the infinite flame of divine love.

Your Father is here with a cup

of everlasting life.

Your brothers and sisters sit at the feast

prepared just for you.

Your Beloved’s embrace

feels like Home.

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