1-10-14 Life is a Series of Mysteries


Life is a series of mysteries,

as many as grains on a beach.

The answers are not in the histories,

no, not where the mind can reach.

Religion and science converge

on the unseen, invisible place

where more questions than answers emerge,

where bold facts are unable to trace.

The theories of science abound,

new religions sprout up every day,

but they both are just stakes in the ground

while the soil itself shows the way.

Where reason and will always fail,

when there seems to be no help at all,

the unknowable slips through the veil,

the unspeakable answers the call.

There’s a sound heard in absolute silence

that will leave you both breathless and awed;

let your spirit respond to its guidance,

and you’ll know the solution is God.

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