1-11-14 Caged


At this very moment you are dying.

If it makes you uncomfortable, the certainty of death,

there is a part of you crying out,

the part that sees the evil you’ve done,

the evil that grew by what you did not do,

the guilt and the shame in your heart.

Let that cry be heard.

You can no more run from your sins than you can from death.

If left to your own, you are doomed

like a caged bird in a burning house.


The bird, the cage, the house all belong to the same world,

but the bird’s song belongs to another.

Sing to the One who can free your soul.

Sing to the One whose fire can cleanse you from the inside

so that when your outer world burns down

you will not notice.

Don’t let death catch you with a song in your throat.

It may be looking over your shoulder right now.


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