1-16-14 Love Your Enemies (an Acrostic Sonnet based on Luke 6:27)


Let harm from enemies be dealt by God,
Or else their evil turns your heart to hate.
Vendettas never serve the path you trod,
Especially if you seek Heaven’s gate.
Yearn mightily to understand this point;
Outgrow the worldly need to gain revenge.
Undo such things that serve to disappoint;
Remember, God alone your pains avenge.
Embrace your enemies with love instead;
No mercy given freely is in vain.
Exalted Christ forgave us when He bled;
Might not we too forgive those causing pain?
Instead of hating back the haters in your life,
Evoke the love of Christ and end such strife.
Stay on the path of grace and you’ll abide.


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