1-17-14 On Blindness


Beloved, I thought I knew the way home.

I thought a lot of things back then.

This blindness is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

All my suppositions were due to worldly sight.

I got around quite well, dodging this and heading for that.

Carnal life is exactly like a crooked cow path,

going from one promising tuft of grass to the next.

You once said that if my right eye offended me,

pluck it out.[i]

My whole body offended me!

You picked me out of the herd.

I did not noticed them scatter; my head was down.

It would not have mattered had I ran.

I was Yours.

I am dead to the world now.[ii]

You lead me in ways I do not know.

You make the crooked way straight.[iii]

I follow blindly, for You will not lead me astray

because You guide me in the path of righteousness.[iv]

It is only important that You know the way Home.

The sight You give is not for this place.

I only have eyes for You.

[i] Matthew 5:29

[ii] Romans 6:11

[iii] Isaiah 42:16

[iv] Psalm 23:3

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