1-18-14 Addiction


28When He came into the house, His disciples began questioning Him privately, “Why could we not drive it out?”

29And He said to them, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer and fasting.”                     Mark 9:28-29


She has been to so many rehabs she can lead the classes,

can smell a psychologist two miles away,

and can manipulate the best of both

without them being the wiser.

If you could go back in time and watch her as a child,

you would sense something amiss,

for she was always restless and unhappy,

even under her laughter.

You could see in her eyes that she was haunted,

hunted by something unknown, and hunting the same.

She is in your family: the addict,

trapped in a disease of lies,

a tormented soul with the spirit of self destruction

on a fast track to death.

I will not illustrate the form of this evil spirit;

(evil, for it destroys the temple, and spirit, for it devours from within)

its substance craves attention,

and you know all too well how it manifests itself.

I will not feed it at all.

She may surrender herself to a higher power

by admitting that she is powerless against it.

She may work diligently the remainder of her life

to stay one step ahead of it,

but it will dwell within her, just an arm’s length away.

She may submit herself to Jesus,

fall at the foot of the cross and be covered in His blood.

Her sins will be wiped clean as virgin snow,

but the addiction will return, I promise you.

It perplexes pastors and priests, counselors and caregivers

because it knows when and how to hide.

It is cunning and patient,

deaf to sincerity and mute to reason.

It burns the soul with the hot fire of its lust

and drowns the soul with the dark water of despair.

Only Christ can drive this evil spirit out completely.

Christ alone.

She must point it out to Him in prayer and fasting,

(prayer in Spirit and Truth – fasting in body, mind and soul)

and believe… BELIEVE!

for everything is possible for one who believes.

Do not be dismayed if it still remains, though.

This may be the thorn in her side God will not remove.

It can be a weakness that gives her strength

to endure all things.

Rehab can help.

Doctors can help.

AA can help.

Friends and family can help.

Church can help.

Christ can heal.

Christ heals.



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