1-19-14 Spread the News!


Awake! Get up, and spread the news!

Let God’s pure love be your new muse!

Tell those you know and those you meet,

Tell all the people on the street

That Jesus lives, He lives for You

And You are proof that this is true!

Share God’s pure love with everyone!

He loves so much He gave His Son

To die for all our every sin,

So that we might soon be let in

Our Father’s presence on the throne!

Now spread the news! Let it be known!

Don’t be shy! He’ll fill your heart,

He’ll loose your tongue, He won’t depart!

Feel the Holy Ghost step in

And have no fear, He’ll soon begin

To work through you to testify

that Jesus lives! He lives on high!

Now spread the news! Now spread the Word!

Now raise your voice that all be heard!

He’s not ashamed to stand for you,

So stand for Him in all you do!

Tell friends! Tell neighbors! Now don’t refuse!

Our Savior lives! Spread the Good News!

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