1-23-14 The Sower, Part One: Wayside


My wife speaks to everyone she can in public.

Oh, that I might have that sort of courage!

I lost and then found her in the grocery store

and came across her speaking to a woman,

both oblivious to the traffic jam they were causing.

They were talking about the flu, and the woman said

“It can come like a thief in the night!”

I smiled and thought of you, Beloved Savior.

I told her “I wish this were a thief in the night moment,”

and touched the cross hanging around my neck.

Her eyes darted to it and then darkened.

The smile left her face as she replied,

“Just because we live in the Bible Belt,

that doesn’t mean everyone believes it.”

And with that she tromped away,

her wobbly cart sounding like a hungry bird.

I stalked her… yes, Lord I stalked her,

but only to the next aisle,

and when she stopped to get an item from the shelf

I spoke, “If you were to die tonight,

are you confident of your destination?”

She turned on me, her angry eyes flashing.

“I’ll move on to the next level,” she said,

“and no offense, but I don’t need Jesus to get me there.”

“None taken,” I replied,

“but should you change your mind,” I touched the cross again,

“He will be here for you. Please don’t wait too long.”

She rolled her eyes and dismissed me with a “Good day.”

She went by the wayside,

pushing the hungry bird along.

Beloved, I’m beginning to understand

the parable of the sower.[i]

[i] Luke 8:5, Luke 8:12


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