1-26-14 The Sower, Part Four: Good Soil


A Godly man just left us to be with the Lord.

Did you hear the angels sigh, then shout?

They sighed because a truly humble servant,

a diligent laborer, a Godly man,

was gone from the Earth.

They shouted in joy, in response to his

when he crossed over

and into the arms of his Savior.

I knew him… no, I know him,

for he has eternal life: he believed.

He had an honest and good heart, this man,

this Friend.

He heard the Good News and kept it.

He humbled himself in service to others,

even giving rides to strangers

no matter how far they had to go.

He never took credit for his goodness,

he gave it all to you, Beloved

and to our Father’s Grace.

This man was not ashamed of You.

I know he was persecuted, I saw it,

but he never backed down, he never gave up.

I never saw this man pray,

but you could see it in his eyes and in his soul.

His very life was a living prayer.

He is no longer in the company of men,

my Friend,

but he can be seen by the mark he left in this world.

His adult children built a beautiful pine casket for him.

When I walked into the chapel the other day

to say goodbye, fresh pine greeted my nose.

He loved Your creation and would have preferred this

over the scent of a thousand funeral flowers.

He grew in good soil, my Friend.[i]

He produced fruit one hundred fold.

I shall miss my Friend Robert Franklin Bumpus III

but I only have to look at You, my Savior,

to remember him,

because in his life we only had to look at him

to remember You.

[i] Luke 8: 8, Luke 8: 15


3 comments on “1-26-14 The Sower, Part Four: Good Soil

  1. Freda Harwell says:

    How beautiful and how fitting, Jay. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Renea Cook Powell says:

    I miss my friend,My earth angel who wrapped his arms around me when my father passed. Though we only communicated on FB, I miss the conversations. A wonderful person definitely gone too soon.

  3. ajwrites57 says:

    Great way to remember a friend, Jay!

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