1-27-14 Spark


There is a spark of Spirit, the kiss of God

that begins new life in this world.

It happened at the moment of your conception,

setting off a chain of events that resulted in the miracle of you.

Each of your parents contributed twenty-three chromosomes,

so you resemble them.

You were brought forth from the womb

into a world of constant change,

a cycle of temporariness, of certain death.

No matter how chaste or obedient or kind,

no matter how charitable, forgiving or patient,

you were destined for the grave.

There is another spark, a kiss from God,

that can give you life anew,

an existence not bound by the laws of this world,

free of decay and death,

rooted in Grace and Love.

You are given a new set of chromosomes

that begin to transform you

into the image of a child of God.

This new spark spreads like wildfire,

burning away the old and building the new.

It begins when you confess

that you are hopelessly lost, doomed to die

from the rot of sin, the food of this world.

It begins when you surrender

to the One who offers eternal life.

It begins when you accept Jesus as your Savior,

for He alone defeated death,

He alone defeated the author of lies and sin,

He alone can save you.

He holds the spark of life in His Holy hand.

Let the gift of His Sacrifice give you new life,

then fan the flames with your gratitude and prayers

until you shine like He

with the Light of the Father,

attracting the lost like moths to a flame.

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