1-28-14 The Word


Hear beneath the music of the cooing of a single dove

the single call of God above, the welcome note of His sweet Love.

Look where yon horizon lies, just before the new sunrise,

watch the skies with prayerful eyes, and see what makes the angels sigh.

His Love is found within all things, the beggar’s hut, the hall of kings,

the strumming of celestial strings in bubbling springs and raven wings.

God’s perfect Love is sought by sages around the world across the ages,

but if you read in measured stages, you’ll find it in the Bible’s pages.

The wisdom found within this book will help you hear and help you look

to find God’s hand in every nook, ways straight or crook, desert or brook.

Read the words of prophets past, the sacrifice of Christ when asked,

how every word is perfectly cast, and if you read you’ll see at last

that God’s pure Love within you dwells, and everything around you tells

the way back Home, from stars to cells. Now listen close, you’ll hear it’s bells.

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