1-29-14 Be Come


Christ must take you to the presence of God,

because only He knows the Way, that secret door

the annihilated pass through

where self is burned away.

There, words are useless.

I must break this keyboard over my knee

to begin to describe the experience.

There are kinds of knowing and then there is

Knowing, Be-ing with God in spirit and in truth.

Here there is no room for two.

Jesus said “I and the Father are One.”[i]

You must be One with the Son to be One with the Father.


This is no one-hand-clapping moment.

Eternal universes cannot contain it,

and it is too small for a quark to see.

You come close to the sacred entrance

when you lose yourself in serving others,

and when you fall at the foot of the cross.

Pick up your cross and follow Jesus.[ii]

He knows the way for He IS the Way.

You will sleep no more.

[i] John 10:30

[ii] Mark 8:34

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