1-30-14 Pearl Diving


God seeks worshipers.

This is a mystery to most.

It must be understood in spirit,

for God is Spirit.

Those blind to spirit say, “He must be egocentric!”

That kind of logic will point at a rolling tumbleweed

and exclaim, “It must have tiny little legs!”


When God made Adam

He breathed His Spirit into the man.

Adam was a perfected being.

The moment he tasted the fruit of good and evil, though,

he descended into dichotomy.

You cannot look at two things simultaneously.

An oyster thinks the world is this sea bottom watery place,

believes that a grain of sand is just an irritation

and does not let it in.

For thousands of years only a handful of people

cultivated the Spirit of God into a pearl of great price;

only a few let it open their shells

to take in the Light from above

and shine in worship so that the Lover of pearls

could pluck them from their briny grave.

These rare pearls tried over and over to show the others

that they were more than a shell, that they must have faith

the size of a grain of sand, to let it become much more

if they just let it grow so that it will have no choice

but to open, exposing the precious inner Truth.

The oysters laughed and scorned and killed them

then went back to watching crabs and fishes.

God finally sent down His most precious pearl of all,

knowing it had to be crushed into powder

so those who believed could allow it to grow within.

When we accept Christ as our personal Savior,

we let Him into our hearts,

and we nurture the essence of His love through worship

until our crusty old shells burst open and we reflect the Light of the Son.

God seeks worshippers, this Lover of pearls.

Let Him see you shine

so He can lift you from your briny grave.

One comment on “1-30-14 Pearl Diving

  1. Freda says:

    Yes, I see this. Thank you for helping to open my eyes to view God’s love from this aspect!

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