1-31-14 Reliance


Resign yourself to God in all things

for He alone brings peace and clarity.

You will find no lasting judgment in this place,

no respite from sorrow, no shelter from pain.

Only God can cure your homesickness.

Only God can bring comfort in your grief.

Consider all your suffering a gift,

a scrubbing clean, a preparation

for some great blessing awaiting your last breath.

When others bring up your faults,

humble yourself by thanking them.

Criticism is God’s way of teaching you gratitude.

Be grateful for all your misfortune.

God sends a bird to poop on your hair

to make you wash your head.

God sends a fly to land in your tea,

otherwise you may be poisoned by a filthy cup.

Thank the man who tailgates you in traffic.

He may be keeping a lunatic from getting behind you.

Before you complain about anything,

remember what Jesus went through for you.

Use your hardships to rely more on God

so that when true evil comes along

you will instinctually lean on the Source of all love.

2 comments on “1-31-14 Reliance

  1. Hafsa Baba says:

    Hey, I really liked your work. I read some of them, they are amazing. So, I’ve nominated you for Liebster award 😀 Please do accept.
    Follow the link for more information 😀 andd keep writing
    Hey, I liked your blogs so i’ve added you to my list of nomies for liebster award.. follow the link for more information ->

  2. Norma Howard says:

    Really enjoyed all of your writing, God bless you friend!

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