2-1-14 Mammon


When we spoke last night,

my head in the stars and Yours in my heart,

I asked that You give me a dream

showing my progress on the straight and narrow,

and what I need to improve on.

You know when I am uncertain:

all I want to do is quantify,

as if there is a way to measure salvation.

In my dream I was in the company of old friends,

friends I have lost touch with over the years.

Back then we were members of a mystery school,

uncovering the rocks of truth, always looking beyond.

We believed there were no absolutes,

not even in Heaven; we questioned everything.

In my dream I told them I was saved

by the blood of the Lamb,

that my days of searching was over.

They laughed and laughed

then handed me the pipe of doubt to smoke,

and I did.

Through the hazy smoke I saw a key and lock

representing the mystery school

and its dissatisfactions.

When I picked the lock and key up

they crumbled like dust between my fingers,

and the laughter of my old friends became hollow.

Then Your piercing voice spoke to me:

“You cannot serve God and Mammon.”

Whenever I am filled with uncertainty,

whenever I try to look beyond you,

whenever I seek proof by signs and wonders,

it reveals my feet in two worlds.

A house divided cannot stand.

O me of little faith!

Beloved, help me sweep my house clean.

Help me remove all those unwanted guests.

Then fill it with Your presence

and the Father’s will.

You hold the key to the kingdom;

Your lock is the unbreakable Truth of Your authority.

In You there is no doubt.

You are the Alpha and Omega,

the Way, the Truth, the Life.

No more mammon for me, thank you.

I only have room for the Lord.

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