2-2-14 Old Habits Die Hard


Most Christians believe

they were holier right after their conversion

than they are now.

They think when they were saved

a new self was rolled right out of the factory,

and now they only take it to the mechanic

when something breaks.

All too often our relationship with God

is judged by outer forms.

God is Spirit, my friend.

You can’t judge a cat by its ability to bark!

Most of our stumbling blocks as believers

are rooted in the habits we were proficient in

before we gave ourselves over to the Lord.

“Yes, Jesus, I surrender my life to You,

except for the things I have strapped to my back.”

If you aren’t sure what improvements

you need to make, just ask your spouse.

Our conformity to the life of Christ

should improve daily

if we are to ever hope of being like Him

in Spirit and in Truth.

Pay attention!

If you take but one fault,

one attachment to this world every year,

you would soon discover

what it means to be dead in Christ.

If you only knew the peace and joy that awaits,

if you only knew how eager God is

to dwell in your heart,

you would have made that list yesterday.

If you don’t overcome the matters of the flesh now,

how do you expect Him to entrust you

with matters of the Spirit?

No more excuses.

You are literally racing against time

for eternity.

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