2-3-14 On Worthiness


As much as you would love to hear how wonderful and valuable you are,

you really need to know that there is not one iota, not one atom,

worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Take every good and noble and praiseworthy thing you’ve ever done

and cram them all into the best hour of your whole life.

It still will not earn you one second in the presence of God.

You were born into a shadowy, imperfect world,

a spiritual orphan from the start.

It is an oppositional existence filled with temptations.

Name one thing here that is not dualistic!

Job knew the score. Listen to his words in the midst of suffering:

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

He comes forth like a flower, and is cut down;

he is a fleeting shadow, and does not endure.”

God’s fervent desire is to welcome you home

when you finally fall out of the pit of human existence,

but the stain of sin cannot enter the halls of Holiness.

Before you can sit down to the feast you must be made clean.

Wash your body and mind and soul forever; it will do no good.

You must be sterilized by the blood of Christ.

He carried the sins of the world – He bore your stain –

and was nailed to that cruel cross.

He died for you.

God loves you  SO much that He gave His first born Son.

All you have to do, my friend,

is believe.

You do not know how precious freedom is

until you are free.

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