2-5-14 Cheap Silver Cross (Lyrics)


At church one dark day Jesus found me;

I was hiding alone in the back.

He called me by name,

My heart did He save

Even though it was sin-full and black.


When I left there my soul was on fire,

Covered now in my Savior’s own blood.

I was poor but I bought

A cheap silver cross,

Made a necklace from string in the mud.


REFRAIN       That old cross is still here today

                        It’s never too far away

                        That’s where Christ left my sins

                        That’s where my life begins

                        It reminds me of the price that He paid.


A new chain took the place of that string

But the cheap silver cross still remains

It’s turned black as night

It’s an ugly sight

Like the sins Jesus left there to hang.


Whenever I start feeling down

Whenever I’m tempted to stray

I look at that cheap

Silver cross blackened deep

Jesus died for us all that dark day.


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