2-6-14 Seek Ye First (Based on Matthew 6:33)


Why do you search for money and power?

It won’t mean a thing in your final hour.

You scrabble and horde these earthly possessions.

The end still draws near despite your aggressions.

The worry and stress you go through each day

Won’t help when death comes to takes you away.

If you seek first the will of the Lord

All things that you need will be your reward.

If you seek first the kingdom of God

You soon will find out this world’s a facade.

Your true life belongs in heavenly realms,

Not here in this place where greed overwhelms.

While here there are bills and taxes to pay;

Remember, my friend, to first look God’s way

For in the end you’ll leave all behind.

Where your heart leans is how you’re defined.

Look first to God for all of your needs,

Let His will be done in your thoughts and deeds.

The cares of the world will all fall in place

When you seek out first the Lord’s will and grace.

2 comments on “2-6-14 Seek Ye First (Based on Matthew 6:33)

  1. Freda says:

    Matthew 6:33 is one of my “life verses” – to recall to mind frequently. This is a wonderful application of that verse, and I needed to hear it today!! Thank you!

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