2-7-14 Grace


When you step to the cross and deliver yourself to Christ

you are born into the glorious grace of God.

Grace is the air you breathe,

the blood that courses through your new body,

the fire that consumes and renews your spirit,

the water that cleans and justifies your soul.

God’s uncompromising and perfect love

is the very essence and substance of grace.

Through sin you were destined to spend eternity

in the worm infested flames of Hell.

That is what you deserve, and you know it.

Grace keeps you from that lightless infernal sea

and immerses you into the pure radiance of His mercy.

The moment you surrender your will to God

through the precious blood of the Lamb,

you emerge from the gravity of judgment

into the dimensionless realm of grace.

It is the sustaining and motivating force

that brings new life and fresh meaning.

It gives you assurance where there was hopelessness,

salvation where there was damnation,

freedom where there was slavery.

You now exist by grace.

All that you have and do is because of grace.

Grace is the redeeming action of Christ

drawing you Home into the heart of God.

Now be that grace in your life,

for grace gives you the life to be.

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