2-8-14 Pray Without Ceasing


The first time I read Paul’s admonition

to pray without ceasing[i]

I laughed out loud and said with a smirk

“Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen!”

Well, Lord, You showed me, didn’t you?

Your entire life was one continuous prayer.

You gave it Your all,

You left it all on the cross

but You never stopped praying for us.

You showed the world

and it still laughs in Your face.

Please forgive me, I beg You.

Most mornings You gently nudge me awake

so I can carry our dream out and onto paper

before it disappears like morning fog.

That is when our conversation begins.

One of these days You will call me Home

between dreams,

so if You keep me in this place another day

You must have something for me to do.

Thank You for life.

Thank You for breath.

Especially this one… and this one…

Every time I inhale I take in Your will.

Every exhale is in praise to You.

Every beat of this heart is my cry to You.

Every beat of this heart is Your answer.

We play a certain game all day.

I look for You in everything,

and You are in everything.

My mind doesn’t have to form thoughts

to commune with You.

Do I have to tell my eyes to blink?

But whenever I get a moment

(there are more moments than I can count!)

I tell You I love You.

I ask for Your help.

I surrender my will

and let You abide in me.

Every moment is Yours to give.

I thank You for this.

You showed me how to pray without ceasing.

Now how can I not?

[i] 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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