2-11-14 Homesickness


Once, as a young man, I came down sick.

It was the kind of illness that kept me in the bed,

weak and feverish and scared.

Feeling half dead I went to the doctor.

He quickly told me I had the flu.

Sometimes an experience defies our understanding

and we seek the advice of an expert.

Now when someone talks about having the flu

I nod my head in understanding and compassion.

When I come to Jesus with a dilemma

He knows, because nothing human is foreign to Him.

He placed Himself in the flesh and assumed the life of a servant.

Christ understands.

He also abides in those who abide in Him.

He’s an expert at suffering because He suffered for us all;

when we come to him broken hearted

He knows.

From the moment I was baptized with the Holy Spirit

I have felt a certain ache – a longing

that draws at me like the moon does the tide.

It is a sweet, gentle melancholy

dragging my eyes toward the heavens

and my knees to the ground.

I did not know what it was at first, but now I do.

It is the heart of all yearning,

the low-burning fire of separation.

It is that moment in a crowd when you see your Beloved

and the Beloved sees you, and the instant pull between you

that can only be satisfied with union.

Now I know what this sickness is.

The only cure is You, Lord.


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