2-14-14 Love Machine


The more power a device uses,

the quicker the battery needs recharging.

You were designed to love.

You, my friend, are a love machine;

Spirit powers you, your heart the battery.

There are two ways to recharge your capacity to love:

Give love without any thought of reward,

and prayer.

When you love, you exercise prayer in action,

worshipping God through His creation

to His creation.

Pray to love.

Love to pray.

Those who feel unloved have forgotten this simple act.

Pray always, my brother.

Love always, my sister.

Give all you have and follow Jesus.

He is the unlimited power station of God’s love;

give all you have, and you will have all to give.

Eventually you will find that you have given your heart to Christ

and are plugged in to the Source of all love.

For now, though, make today one of loving prayer.

Do what you were born to do.

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One comment on “2-14-14 Love Machine

  1. a.a.brown says:

    I was nothing before existence, existence is Source =God. In order for God to be in me I must be empty of myself.

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