2-15-14 Who Are You Trying To Impress?


Who are you trying to impress? [i]

If all the world thought highly of you

it would not get you one step closer to God.

If all the world reviled and mocked you,

will you spend your time trying to change their minds?

Does it bother you to no end if someone thinks less of you?

Set your eye firmly on the Lord.

The feet go where the eyes lead them.

Be single-minded toward Him. [ii]

If you concern yourself with the kingdom of God

it will not matter what your status is with others.

Keep up with Christ

and let others keep up with the Joneses.

Live in truth and spirit [iii]

and you are guaranteed to make enemies here. [iv]

You will also be welcomed into the family of God.

Don’t tell me that it’s easier said than done.

Do it regardless of how difficult it is.

Don’t try to be true to yourself.

Look where that got you!

Instead, be true to your Heavenly Father.

He will provide you with those

who also partake of the bread of life. [v]

You must go through this world,

but if you belong to Jesus, you are not of this world. [vi]

Your actions will tell in which world you dwell.

[i] Galatians 1:10

[ii] Colossians 3:2

[iii] John 4:24

[iv] Matthew 10:22

[v] John 6:48

[vi] John 17:16

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