2-16-14 With A Glance


Whenever we meet

I always begin speaking in poetry,

as if my soul has been elevated to a place

of abstraction and metaphor,

a far country where only true spirit is understood.

When I say “The moon is ready to split open,”

my soul overflows with Your presence.

When I say “Light plays across the surface of the water

like flickering candles,”

my prayer reaches out to all who are persecuted

in Your name.

When I say nothing,

why, that is when my spirit is on fire

with Your love.

Times such as this unlock mysteries,

and true Lovers tell all with a glance.

There is a place where prayer becomes abiding.

The language of birds and angels become clear

and the hearts of all men are known.

This is our secret gathering spot,

where the moon splits open

and love falls like a warm summer rain.


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