2-17-14 The Great Commission (Based on Matthew 28:18-20)


If Jesus stood beside you now, would you just walk away?

If He put out His hand to you, would you not look His way?

We use our eyes to see the things that we most want to see,

all else is just distraction, ignored like tossed debris.

You say that you would never dismiss the Savior so,

but every day you do, my friend, and you don’t even know.

He always whispers in your ear to help Him save the lost,

to share the gospel willingly no matter what the cost.

So often we are fearful to speak up to a total stranger,

afraid they’ll be offended, or worse, put us in danger.

You say that Christ abides in you, adopted child of God.

If this is true speak up to all, don’t think that you are flawed.

He knows the hearts of everyone; He’ll tell you what to say.

You’ll be amazed, I promise you, just let Him lead the way.

Treat everyone with love and grace and don’t be shy to share;

This stranger may be sent to you by someone else’s prayer.

See Jesus stand beside you now, He’s never left your side.

You must reach out to others with Jesus as your guide.

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