2-19-14 On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Matthew 6:10)


When You created earth, Lord, it was to be a mirror of Heaven,

a pattern of celestial perfection, our Home away from Home.

But Adam fell with the bittersweet taste of that fruit in his mouth.

Sin and misery spread around the world like a deadly disease,

infecting it with misery and hate and fear.

While You tarried here that short season, You taught us to pray,

“May Your Will be done, Father, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Your entire life was one of intercession and sacrifice.

You cared not about yourself, selfless in all You said and did.

If we believe, if we let You dwell in us, if we surrender our will,

we, too will pray “May Your Will be done.”

When we begin to pray for more than our own personal interests,

when we ask our Father’s blessings, healings, and Will

for not only our family and friends, but our leaders, our nation

and all the world, then our hearts will become like Yours,

full of intercession, sacrifice and selflessness.

The more of us that let You into our lives, the more His Will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Pray for your neighbor and let your neighbor pray for you.

You will be humble, awed and amazed, and more importantly

you will be loved beyond the scope of your imagination,

and there will be a new slice of Heaven on earth.

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