2-20-14 Here I Am


Every morning, when my dreams fade into wakefulness,

before I open my eyes to the world, I think “Good morning, Lord.

Here I am.”

I climb from the bed and fall on my knees, praying

“Let Your spirit abide in me, my Savior.

Here I am.”

I whisper to God in the shower: “Abba, I can wash my body

but only You can cleanse my soul. Purify me, Father.

Here I am.”

As I step out of the way to let the Holy Spirit

write this daily poem, I sigh “Use these hands,

this mind, these eyes to let Your will be done.

Here I am.”

Then through the day, any one of a thousand things

reminds me of the Lord, and I say “I love You

with every fiber of my being. I am Yours.

Here I am.”

Yesterday I went through a trial that tested me

and I felt alone. I asked the Lord “Where are You

when I need You the most?”

I heard Him reply, softly but firmly,

“Here I am, My son. Here I am.

You hear me tell you this

all day and night, but you think it is you

who speak the words.

The wolf’s howl is the moon’s reply.

Lo, I am with you always.

Here I am.

Here I AM.”

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